Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lots of new interesting udates on

Updates on in week 7, 2010:

- Anna Is Through To Another Round in X-Factor
- Shrimp war: Faroe Islands blast Canada’s ports ban in fishing dispute.
- bARBARA i gONGINI Continues To Get Rave Reviews
- Funny Story About Faroese Drunken Sailors in 1972
- Another Timelapse Video From The Faroes
- Funny Ride From Tórshavn To Klaksvík
- Interview With Dutch Film Director And Author Threes Anna making research in the Faroes
- Oil-Industry: Three Wells In Prospect Off The Faroes
- Shrimp War Continues: Faroes And Greenland Make Breaking News In Canada
- Remember the old 'hit' "Farewell Faroe Islands"?
- Anna Nygaard Made It To The Next Round Of The Danish X-Factor Show
- Faroese Short Film "A Bad Day" Screens At European Indie Film Festival 2010
- Canada closes ports to Faroe Islands
- Copenhagen Fashion Week 2010: Faroese Designers Get Good Reviews

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