Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Wednesday Mar 31, 2010:
ARCH ENEMY To Headline Faroe Islands' G! Festival
Budget Traveler: A Faroe Islands Vacation For a Truly Unique Experience

Tuesday Mar 30, 2010:
Podcast Episode 48 is out! The Faroe Islands As Film Location?

Monday Mar 29, 2010:
Football On The Net: Matters Of Size

Saturday Mar 27, 2010:
The Times About The Faeroe Isles: ‘Silence. Isolation. It’s breathtaking’

Friday Mar 26, 2010:
Canvas is still sailing for Petaluma artist Hans Skalagard

Thursday Mar 25, 2010:
Football: The Lands that FIFA Forgot

Tuesday Mar 23, 2010:
Podcast Episode 47 is out! Interview With TUTL's Founder Kristian Blak - Part II
SIC To Record Album "Fighters They Bleed"
Gudrid Hansdóttir in Momo's, Austin

Monday Mar 22, 2010:
Faroe Islands And The Sweetness Of Seclusion

Sunday Mar 21, 2010:
Interview With Short Film Director Bjarki Thomsen

Saturday Mar 20, 2010:
Greenland Vikings Had Celtic Blood

Friday Mar 19, 2010:
Faroe Islands and the European Union

Thursday Mar 18, 2010:
The Faroe Islands Self-Government Arrangement

Wednesday Mar 17, 2010:
US Market Open To Faroese Salmon Farmers

Tuesday Mar 16, 2010:
Podcast Episode 46 is out! Must Be The Music - Interview with Kristian Blak - Part I

Saturday Mar 13, 2010:
Bakkafrost To Be Listed At Oslo Børs
Travelling: Life Drawing Reportage From The Faroes by Olivier Kugler, illustrator

Friday Mar 12, 2010:
Anna Eliminated From Danish X-Factor Show
Trash Metal News: SIC Taps HATESPHERE Drummer For New Album

Wednesdayg Mar 10, 2010:
Interview With Hogni in Spinner

Tuesday Mar 09, 2010:
Podcast 45 i out! Sneak Previews Of Future Podcasts
Hotel For Sale: Dream Of A Future As Hotel Owner in the Faroe Islands?